Epidemic Prevention Announcement - 元培學生事務處


[防疫公告]Epidemic Prevention Announcement

Epidemic Prevention Announcement
Epidemic Prevention Announcement


Epidemic Prevention Announcement


In order to respond to the national epidemic alert to the third level, teachers and students of the school are requested to continue to implement, follow and cooperate with the control measures of current level-three COVID-19 alert together to strictly defend the safety of our community.


Please avoid unnecessary traveling, activities or gatherings. Stop family gatherings of 5 or more people indoors, and 10 or more people outdoors (not counting those living together) and social gatherings. Conduct self-health monitoring (see a doctor if you have symptoms and immediately report to the school)


If the faculty, staff members and students of this school are reported to be subject to home separation, home quarantine, self-health monitoring, even are identified as the confirmed cases by the health authority, please be sure to notify the Health Section office immediately (03-6102247), or instantly report to the school by going to the school's epidemic prevention zone and filing for the online report at https://safe.ypu.edu.tw/p/423-1012-1327.php?Lang=zh-tw



Epidemic Prevention Team

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